The Dos And Donts For Hemorrhoid Prevention

There are a number of creams, pills, and prescription medication that can help you to treat hemorrhoids. However, the best way to battle them is to prevent yourself from getting them in the first place. Let’s uncover some natural prevention methods you can use to ensure a decreased risk of aggravating hemorrhoids.


hemorrhoid_irriationKnow Your Bowel Movements

There is nothing worse than trying to pass a bowel movement that is extremely painful on your body. This can aggravate hemorrhoids easily. Get to know the feelings behind your movements and if you feel your stool is too hard take a laxative. Help yourself pass waste easier and with little to no pain. During your daily dieting be sure to include a good amount of fluids. This will help to make your stool softer. Just as a warning here, you only want to drink water and eat natural foods that help loosen stool, but not to the point where it causes diarrhea. As this condition can also inflame hemorrhoids.


Don’t Scratch It

This is not good for the inflammation and could make it even worth. Avoid the urge to scratch. If you need to use bath soaking because it is safe and will give you relief. Don’t use scented soaps and medicated wipes because these have chemicals that can cause irritation of the skin. Also they can dry your skin out and make the problem worse. Your doctor can even prescribe a steroidal ointment that will give you a soothing effect.


Let It Breath

Having excessive heat build up in the hemorrhoid infected area could irritate the skin more. Opt for the lighter underwear fabrics when it’s forecasted to be extremely hot. Cotton and silk are great for letting your sensitive areas breath and to prevent excess moisture build up in that region of the body .


drink_waterStay Hydrated

Drink at least eight glasses of water each and every day. This will not only help soften hard stool and make it easier to pass, but it can help with constipation as well. Trying out herbal teas is a great option also.


Get Up And Move

Sitting for extended periods of time puts a great deal of pressure on your lower body. This will limit your blood circulation throughout the body and weaken rectal veins. Try to get up a least one every thirty minute stretch. If you can’t schedule this walk around time than use a more cushioned seat and include a pillow if you fancy. It’s been proven that laying the body down flat will help to reduce symptoms of hemorrhoids and make them feel more manageable.


These are just a few simple tips you can use to help prevent a hemorrhoid flare up and to help treat your current hemorrhoid inflammation. By trying to integrate at least one of these changes into your life at a time it will make it easier to slowly include the rest over time. This will make it easier to manage having hemorrhoids.