Sitz Bath: Alleviating Hemorrhoid Flare Ups

For those with hemorrhoids or genital issues you can use the Sitz Bath, which is a shallow bath, to alleviate the discomfort. There are plastic devices specifically designed to fit on your toilet seat. If you don’t want that you can just use a simple basin or jump into the bathtub. This will help in your recovery period during treatment. This is more of a less invasive way to keep your hygiene at its best and provide you will soothing relief at the same time.

sitz_bathIt’s recommended that you use a sitz bath up to four times each day. Using a device kit specifically designed for this infection you want to add about three to four inches of water at the bottom of the basin you have. Luke warm water that is comfortable to your skin is the best option here. Don’t go too cold or too hot. You want to be right in the middle. When you purchase a sitz bath kit it will come along with a water bag and vents in the basin. This will work by supplying your bottom with fresh water and the vents will let the water overflow go straight into the toilet bowl. This will help to prevent overflow onto your bathroom floor.

When you are utilizing a water bag you want to sit on the basin first. Then take the clamp off of the water bag. This will let the free water flow down into the basin. The suggested length of time you should spend soaking is about twenty minutes. Your doctor may prescribe more time. It’s really different for everybody.

Once you are done with your sitz bath you should use a clean town to dry the area. Be sure to only pat down the towel as to not inflame the infection even more. Let the area air dry and maintain a good level of ventilation. You don’t want to keep any moisture in the infection site as this could worsen your condition.

Some patients prefer to take these baths after a bowel movement. This makes them feel more fresh and clean. Others use these baths to help induce a bowel movement. This is a sensitive and soothing bath so it can help to relieve constipation and produce movements. A number of people prefer to include witch hazel extract in their sitz bath as a way to naturally health their symptoms. Also salt water sitz baths are becoming overly popular these days as salt has an antibacterial agent to helps to encourage wound healing.