Examining The Best And Worst Foods For Hemorrhoid Sufferers

If you currently suffer from hemorrhoids your doctor will likely prescribe you a list of foods to eat and ones you shouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. This is just standard medical practice when it comes to reducing your change of inflammation of the anus. When it comes to eliminating your piles, a healthy diet is the closest cure you to get to the natural end of things.

Instead of using creams, ointments, over the counter pills, and prescription medication choosing to change your diet is the first step in naturally curing your hemorrhoids. If you just give it a go you will notice a significant difference in the amount of flare ups that you endure.

fiberFirst off, it’s important to note that every person is different when it comes to what causes their piles condition. We can give you a general outline to follow that has worked for most people, however the only way to know if it will truly work for you is to give them and try and view the outcome. We are going to start with the foods that are most likely to cause constipation.

This is a major issue and contributing factor to the degree of pain you experience from your piles flare up. Eating foods high in fiber are very beneficial to your diet as it will keep your digestive system in prime shape. This will help to eliminate your potential for likely constipation. If foods that are fiber rich don’t fall into your category of foods you really want to eat, no problem they make fiber supplements. You can take a few of these each day and reach your needed daily intake of fiber consumption.

Choosing to eat lots of whole grains should be the first thing of your list of foods to consume. Again these are a great source of natural fiber that will stop constipation in its tracks. Some examples of these foods are raisins, apricots, grapefruit, cherries, and bananas. Be sure to include at least a couple of these in your morning breakfast to start the day off right. Next to the block is vegetables. These are great in any quantity, and basically the outlook of many medical professionals is the more you eat the better.

Great examples of these are cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, squash, and brussel sprouts. Opting for the greens is good also. These are most commonly lima beans, kidney beans, spinach, legumes, and lentils. These are all high in fiber. When it comes to meat, pick the leaner meats as your source of energy here. While eating these food in your diet plan be sure to include lots of water. Drinking a good amount throughout the day can hamper the amount of piles episodes you experience.

So now that you know what you should include in your diet, let’s take a look at those foods you should be passing up to avoid your piles outbreaks. Lower your consumption of foods high in carbohydrates, high in fat, and high in protein. These will all overwork your digestive system and result in constipation. This is one of the worse conditions you can get during a flare up. Specifically we are talking about starchy foods, like white potatoes, refined white and wheat foods, and heavy red meat. Skip over the processed foods and go for the organic. Leave out those extremely spicy foods choices and those that are exceedingly greasy. These are all great ways to help reduce your risk of having a hemorrhoid flare up.